What's ON-AIR on I-Italy radio?

3-minute show with Italian and Italian-American stories, news, book reviews, and a selection of the best interviews made for our TV show (you can watch the full interviews at: youtube.com/iitaly). Last but not least, you will enjoy the best bites of Darrel & Ed. Anyone in love with Italy—check this out!

We choose "Italian inside" as our claim because you need not be Italian or have Italian roots to feel the "Grande Bellezza" of the Italian music. Italianness is already *inside* everybody who loves Italian culture, food and lifestyle ... If you follow i-Italy you are already "Italian inside"!

Any suggestions? Do you want to cooperate with us? Do you want you want to embed our player in your blog or website? Do you want to advertise on i-Italy Radio?

Please write to:
Francesco Foderà
Music Journalist
Head of Music and Content for I-Italy Radio
[email protected]